The Tofu Family | From Abstract to Concrete

Design Brief: the abstract nature of information can make it challenging to grasp, but the visuals that used to communicate the content can help audiences better understand. The goal of this project is to communicate abstract knowledge using an animation video. The Tofu Family tries to show the tofu making process and the differences among tofus in a concrete form of visuals, sounds, transitions, movements and a first-person narrative.

Individual project presented in 4 weeks | 2014
Project completed in the course “Communication Design Studio” under the instruction of Stacie Rohrbach


The Tofu Family | Process


In order to communicate boring information in an interesting way, the script features a first person perspective story-telling technique and an anthropomorphic approach. Storyboards are then created, communicating the story with visual elements.


Referencing real life pictures, main characters are created in Illustrator. The visualization of each characters represents their attributes and personalities. For example, extra firm tofu’s natural textures become his tough muscles.


Bad transitions will ruin the pace of a story. To avoid that, this project pays close attention to transitions. For instance, the main story teller, soft tofu will always stay in sight; the coming of new characters will always start from the scene with the shelf. Most of the background shapes including shelves, soy milk and soft tofu are created directly in After Effects, which allows more transition options.

Skills Communication Design