The Time of Eggs | Communication Design

Design brief: this is a quick conceptual model visualization project. This design communicates time-related information around eggs, such as cooking time, preservation time and eating time. The goal of this project is to better communicate abstract information, and to make pattern-finding easier.

Individual project presented in 1 week | 2015
Project completed in the course “Design for Service” under the instruction of Jodi Forlizzi


The Time of Eggs | Elements

The eggs chosen in this project are all eggs without any other ingredients to eat with. From boiled egg to century egg, time attributes vary greatly.

Egg cover-03


The Time of Eggs | Final Visualization

The final visualization combines three sets of time-related information together. Cooking time and preservation time are differentiated by horizontal and vertical positions. Color serves as a communication tool to separate cooking and preservation time from eating time.

Egg cover-06


Skills Communication Design