BentoGo | Interaction Design

Design Brief: the goal of this project is to design an app around a particular decision making process, and code an interesting part of the interaction. BentoGo is a bento preparation app that can be embedded in a kitchen environment. The goal of BentoGo is to help busy individuals prepare bentos more efficiently. This project is a programming exercise. It is programed with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and iQuery.

Individual project presented in 4 weeks | 2014
Project completed in the course “Interaction Design Lab” under the instruction of Brian Staszel


This piece of interaction programming demonstrates how users choose different categories of food. By clicking the icons, users can move the food they want, to the bento box. If they want more than what they usually have, they can also click the edit icon to add more categories. If they don’t want a category of food, they can simply put it back. The rest of the food will fill up.



Before the final programming, a video sketch is created. This shows a more complete version of the design. There are four main functions in this app: choosing ingredients; choosing dishes; cooking time alerts; and a cooking guide that helps users cook several dishes at the same time. This video is a rough sketch, but it serves the goal of choosing an interesting part to program.



To better communicate the value of this design, a video sketch of the purposed scenario is created. In this video, BentoGo is an app that can be used in a kitchen wall or in a mobile phone.


Skills Interaction Design, Programming